Kay Schuttel

No Laughing Matter 2020

Laughing in relation to bodily presence and acousmatic sound

On Demand 2019

Strategies of empathy deployed by technology market:

Stand by 2019

State of perceived and real immobility:

Together Alone 2019

Moving images stuck in repetitive and encoded movements:

Where are you now? 2018

As mirrors distorted enough to reflect:

How are you? 2017

Upon each encounter the phrase is replayed, each time emphasising the performance of language distanced from its original meaning:

Viewpoint 2016

Control the reality:

BeeldTaal 2015

An estrangement between the sound and image:

If the wall would be the floor 2016

A room without gravity:

Moving the Frame 2016

Public become performers:

Live 7.30 2014

My point of departure was to deconstruct the principle of film by separating its three key components: audio, imagery and time. By means of live performance and real-time playback or both:

0:0 2015

Visual descriptions of physical spaces:

Déjà Vu 2013

The effect of mediatised reality: